Dj Screw - Diary of the Originator - Black Hearted - Chapter 76

Disc 1

2.Rakim-It's been a long time
3.Ice Cube-You know how we do it
4.2pac-Life so hard on a nigga
5.So So Def-Party wit u
6.Master P-Throw it up if u a soldier
7.Mc Eight- Get down like you live

Disc 2

1.Ice Cube-Dope man (remix)
2.Too Short-I need a freak
4.Ice Cube - Greed
5.Mc Eight - Straight up menace
6.Street Military-Everyday struggle
7.Hotboys-Neighborhood superstars
8.Richie Rich-Do gee's get to go to heaven
9.R.Kelly-Gotham city