Slim Thug - I Represent This - 2000 - Classic Shit


1. Back N The Scene
2. Northside
3. Down South
4. Watch The Hook Freestyle
5. Braids
6. Ride With Me
7. Look Who Creepin
8. Hot Boy
9. Room Time
10. First Night Freestyle
11. Can't Hold Me Down
12. Afta Da Kappa
13. First Time In The Swishahouse
14. Once Again It's On
15. The Playa Right Here
16. Peep Da Picture
17. 25 Lighters
18. 27th Freestyle
19. 60 Degrees Freestyle
20. M. Watts B-Day
21. Buy Somethin New
22. 400 Degrees


Anonymous said…
I was just talkin about this yesterday- I only had this on tape, thank you. You are killin this shit!! I am tryin to catch up. I remember paying 18 bucks a piece for these damn cds. Keep up the good work. MrFan - Dirty 3rd ATX
DjKSin said…
u welcome homie, i remeber gettin this cd from slim thug himself when he was passin thru Lake Charles, thanx for the support homie, tell all u know about Screw World