DJ Rapid Ric Presents Z-Ro - Fuck Em All a.k.a Greatest Verses - S&C'd Version

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01.OG Ron C-Intro (Chopped) [02:05]
02.Z-Ro-Life Story (Chopped) [01:19]
03.Z-Ro-Nigga From The Hood (Chopped) [02:30]
04.Slim Thug-Speaks (Chopped) [00:13]
05.Z-Ro-Nolia Clap Remix (Chopped) [00:33]
06.Z-Ro-We Ballin' Freestyle (Chopped) [02:41]
07.Z-Ro-Look At Me (Chopped) [02:18]
08.Z-Ro-Z-Ro-(Chopped) [01:09]
09.Z-Ro-In My City (Chopped) [01:45]
10.Z-Ro-Smoker's Anthem (Chopped) [02:51]
11.Z-Ro-Real Niggas (Chopped) [01:20]
12.Z-Ro-What's My Name (Chopped) [03:44]
13.Z-Ro-U Ain't Neva Seen (Chopped) [01:48]
14.Z-Ro-This Is My Life (Chopped) [02:45]
15.Z-Ro-Everyday (Ft.Trae) (Chopped) [01:26]
16.Z-Ro-Bitch Nigga (Chopped) [01:39]
17.Z-Ro-Mo City Don Freestyle (Chopped) [05:06]
18.Z-Ro-The Mule (Chopped) [01:40]
19.Z-Ro-Beware (Chopped) [02:56]
20.Z-Ro-Life (Chopped) [02:09]
21.Chamillionaire-Speaks (Chopped) [00:42]
22.Z-Ro-Rise (Chopped) [01:29]
23.Z-Ro-Mercy (Chopped) [02:19]
24.Z-Ro-My Momma (Chopped) [02:04]
25.Z-Ro-I'z A Playa (Chopped) [02:12]
26.Z-Ro-Hater's Song (Chopped) [01:39]
27.Z-Ro-Get Your Paper (Chopped) [02:31]
28.Z-Ro-Goin' Down Freestyle (Ft.Graph & Trae) (Chopped) [02:01]
29.Z-Ro-Time And Time Again (Chopped) [01:58]
30.Z-Ro-Who Am I (Chopped) [01:29]
31.Z-Ro-I Found Me (Chopped) [01:42]
32.Z-Ro-Life Is A Struggle And Pain (Chopped) [02:38]
33.Z-Ro-Swang On 4's (Rapid Ric Remix) (Chopped) [03:18]
34.Z-Ro-Eyes On Niggas (Chopped) [01:57]
35.Z-Ro-I Hate U (Chopped) [03:19]
36.Z-Ro-City Of Syrup (Rapid Ric Remix) [01:10]
37.Z-Ro-3rd Coast [02:26]


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