ILLWILLZ Presents: The Chronicles of Pimp C - Simmered & Sliced Remix

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1. Swishas and Dosha
2. Top Knotch Hoes (Kingz 4 Life Unreleased Album)
3. Knockin Doorz Down feat. P.O.P and Lil Keke
4. Holdin Na feat. C-Note
5. Tell Me Something Good
6. Diamonds And Wood
7. Gravy
8. One Day
9. Everytime feat. Devin Tha Dude
10. Its Supposed to Bubble
11. Pimpin Aint no Illusion feat. Too Short
12. Working the Wheel feat. Slim Thug
13. Tossed Up (Mean Green Album)
14. Hiside (Southwest Riders Compilation)


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