Pharoah - Six Foot Giant (Chopped and Skrewed by Beltway 8 Records)

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1 Welcome To Glokland (Screwed)
2 Get Paid (Screwed)
3 Gasta Get Paid (Screwed)
4 Struggling For Sanity (Screwed)
5 Pressure Be Pumpin' (Screwed)
6 They Gonna Learn (Screwed)
7 What'cha Gonna Do (Screwed)
8 Six Foot Giant (Screwed)
9 About Being Woke (Screwed)
10 Rock, Rock A Bird (Screwed)
11 Watch Dog (Screwed)
12 On Top Of My Game (Screwed)
13 Pissed Off In The Mind (Screwed)


propz to nattymari for upload