This is sumthing i have thought of and wanted to do for a while, but my homie SouthSide came to me with it.

If your interested, a best chopped contest between who ever wants to do this. We all will have to do one track.

The Rules are: no tags, no sayin of name at all (being anonymous is key), when song is turned in it cant be named, only name it as "track". Everyone has a week from this date, all tracks finished, chopped & screwed should be sent here [email protected] . Then a poll will be set with all tracks, no names of dj's will be said then, only numbered, 1 through whatever.
The poll will run for a week, and then, on that day, 2 weeks from this date, will the dj's names be put out with their corresponding number.

When u turn in the track to SS, leave your Dj name with him, only he will know who done what track, until the 2 weeks are over.

I hope this turns out good, this is for braggin rights fellas, im ready 2 get at. I know sum throwed thangs gonna go down with this...Good Luck

I Guess I wasnt clear enuff, everyone entering this contest has to do the same track...
Click Here 4 Da Track

If you a Dj and know sum others Dj's let em in on it, propz 2 my nigga SS for helpin with this


Anonymous said…
So do we have to do that song or can we do our own song?
DjKSin said…
we all do that song homie
Anonymous said…
Alright bet.