Lil Wayne - A Millie (Splitadocioused) C&S'd by HuaracheKing1914

Endangered Species - SH Remix

Endangered Species - Reg. Version

H.A.W.K - C&S'd Version

H.A.W.K - Reg. Version (2002)

BL0W 0N3 2k8 - C&S'd Version

Mz. Tr1niTy - Th3 Madn3ss N3v3r Ends- C&S'd Version

L1L J0n - Greatest Mixes Vol.1 - SH Remix

G3t Mon3y, [email protected] Tru3 (SH Remix)

Lollipop - (Splitadocioused) by HuaracheKing1914

lil wayne lollipop screwed and chopped by kaleon

Dj Xplicit - That's Gangsta Blend

Flo-rida ft Lil wayne - American Superstar Screwed and Chopped by Dj Kaleon

Juve Da Great - Slab House Remix - Dj Charm

Lil Scrappy and BME - Slab House Remix - Dj Charm

Gangsta Muzik - Slab House Remix - Dj Charm

Dj Lil M Presents: Dirty South Hustlers

N.O Nightmare 10 - C&S'd by Dj 837

Dont Try [email protected] 10 - C&S'd by Dj 837

[email protected] 30 aka PillowTalk 2CD

K1nG 0F TR1LL - Greatest Verses - C&S'd Version

Bout 2 Blow Vol. 3 - C&S'd Version

B1g Mo3 - Unfinished Business

Lil Wayne - Lollipop (Slowed-N-Throwed)

LBP - Showin' Naked Azz - C&S by Yellaboy

Livin Legends - Slab House Remix

Webbie - Savage Life - Slab House Remix

[email protected] Age 4 Eva - Sw1sha House Remix

Moe Life (SwishaH0use Remix)

F-Action 27

{Request} Z-Ro - S.U.C Representa - C&S'd Version

Da Drought Is Over Part 5. (SlabHouse Remix) C&S'd by Dj Charm

Lil Wayne - Lollipop C&S'd by Dj Mando

ILLWILLZ (King of Chop) Presents: Shawty Lo - Units in The City - Simmered and Sliced Remix

Check Dis Out


{Request}Mista Masta - SwishaHouse Remix

Underground Kingz - C&S'd by Dj SlickRick

H0u5ton @int N0 Pr0BL3m - C&S'd Version

Dj Wr3cka and M1ke M03 - Live From H-Town {3CD}

The Votes Are In!!

Dj Slugga - I Love Depressin' Music - Volume 1

Dj ET and Slugga Present: Paula DeAnda - Flew and Posed

Gh3tt0 5t0R13s (SH Remix)

L1L [email protected] - C&S'd

[email protected] MuZ1k (SH Remix)

[email protected] 5O - 4 D1sc Set

Dj Charm Presents: Backseat Musik Vol.2

Dj Screw - Got it on my mind

Da Bottom Vol.4

Lord Infamous - The Man, The Myth, The Legacy (Looned & Chopped)

Dj Genius - How You Like Me Now? Vol.3

Str8 2 [email protected] R00m Pt.1

Str8 2 [email protected] R00m Pt.2

Str8 2 [email protected] R00m Pt.3