The Votes Are In!!

First of all i would like to thank all the Dj's and the supporters of Screw World. And my dawg SouthSide for the track, the help and the idea. This is just the beginning of many contest, I hope. All the tracks received were good, all have around 100 downloads each. Here goes the final stats from last to first.

Coming in at

5th Place with 2 votes, 1% of the total votes is DjKSin (entry #4)
Entry #4

4th Place with 5 votes, 4% of the total votes is Dj M.Az. (entry #1)
Entry #1

Tied for 3rd Place with 6 votes, 5% votes of the total votes are
Dj ET (entry#3)Entry #3
and Dj Kaleon( entry#2)Entry #2

2nd place with 37 votes, 33% of the total votes is Onlyeyes (entry#6)
Entry #6

and 1st place with an amazing 55 votes, and 49% of the total votes is Dj ILLWILLZ (entry#5)
Entry #5

and with that landslide victory Dj ILLWILLZ is annouced the winner, and holds the crown

"King of Chop"

u earned dat homie, represent it fa sho!

I hope we can do sumthin like this again, i really enjoy a nice battle of tracks...