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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mr.Sche & Immortal Lowlife - It's Goin Down [Simmered & Sliced Rm]

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Disc 1

1. Let's Ride
2. I'll Never Change
3. It's Goin Down
4. Front Me Somethin'
5. Take The Pain Out
6. Hard On A Bro
7. Middle Fingers Up
8. Some Nigga Think He Hard
9. It's A Fight (Ft. Al Kapone)
10. Keep Hatin'

Disc 2

1. Motivated
2. Rain
3. G Like Me
4. My Pimp Shit (Ft. Nasty Nardo)
5. Tell Them Hoes Imma Pimp (Ft. Tomskee Mask)
6. Bitches Aint Shit
7. I Wanna Fuck
8. Love Dont Live Wit Me (Ft. Dulaa)
9. Sail Away


propz to ILLWILLZ for another throwed remix

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