Time 4 anotha chop contest!

YEAHHHHH!!!! You know what it is, same shit as first time homies! New Song, More Dj's?

Rules and Regulations:

If your interested, a best chopped contest between who ever wants to do this. We all will have to do one track.

The Rules are: no tags, no sayin of name at all (being anonymous is key), when song is turned in it cant be named, only name it as "track". Everyone has a week from this date, all tracks finished, chopped & screwed should be sent here [email protected] . Then a poll will be set with all tracks, no names of dj's will be said then, only numbered, 1 through whatever.
The poll will run for a week, and then, on that day, 2 weeks from this date, will the dj's names be put out with their corresponding number.

When u turn in the track to SS, leave your Dj name with him, only he will know who done what track, until the 2 weeks are over.

I hope we get a better turn out from all the Dj's

And don't ask, we all do the same track!

Get the Track Here!