Versatyle Ch1ld - 2CD

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1st CD is Reg. Speed, 2nd is C&S'd

1. Versatyle Intro - Rapid Ric & Chalie Boy
2. I Aint Trippin
3. Tag Team ft. Da Ryno
4. Breakem Off Proper 2
5. Chamillionaire Cosigns
6. Bumpa Grill
7. Incognito ft. Mr. Blakes
8. If Shorty Say
9. Goin Hard ft. Sir Coop, OZ, Ice D of Basswood Lane
10. Survivor ft. Da Ryno and Kiotti
11. Kinfolk Joe Freestyle Session 1
12. I Gone Be Around ft. Mr. Blakes
13. Texas Boy
14. Mann ft. Magno and Money Waters
15. A Thug ft. Mr. Blakes and Black Meezy
16. The Game On Lock ft. Rob G and Tony Wayne of Basswood Lane
17. Get Out Of My Way ft. 5'6 and Ched'r of STR8 Shinin
18. Kinfolk Joe Freestyle Session 2
19. Been Through Too Much ft. Poppi of Gritboys and Mr. Blakes
20. Play Yo Position ft. Kyle Lee of 3rd Degree
21. Peepin Da Scene ft. Mr. Blakes and Dok of Set 4 Life
22. Foreplay
23. What It Takes
24. Some Of My Flows ft. Mr. Blakes


propz to Bane for da upload