DJ Xplicit & Suspect - The Mary Jane Project 3: High Expectations

01 Tupac - High Till I Die
02 Clicka One - Don't Blow My High
03 Ray J ft. Snoop Dogg & Slim Thug - Smokin Trees
04 Rick James - Mary Jane
05 Cypress Hill - Illusions
06 D12 - These Drugs
07 Tyte Wurk - Mary Jane
08 Spice 1 - Smokin Em Like a Blunt
09 Three Six Mafia - Where is the Bud
10 Three Six Mafia - Pass That Shit
11 Crucial Conflict - Hay
12 Frayser Boy - Hydro Weed
13 Method Man - 421
14 Memphis Bleek - I Get High
15 Nas- Blunt Ashes

This is part 3 of "The Mary Jane Project" series. We got a lot of hate on the last one of people saying "How can you have a smoking cd without ___________". The blank being whatever that person's favorite smoking song is. Well, since it didn't have "Styles P - I Get High" or whatever their song was, they dismissed the CD as garbage and as CD they defiantly couldn't get high to. Well, since a CD can only hold 80 minutes of music, we can't put every smoking song known to man and include everyone's favorties. So, to make up for that, we're doing the CD in different volumes. This is volume 3, there's more to come. If you want to hear your favorite song on one of the mixes, feel free to hit us up and request it. We know y'all haters have High Expectations for us, but to everyone else, we know y'all only got expectations of getting high; "High" Expectations. Thank you for listening and downloading.

- Xplicit