Screw World Chop Contest #2 Results

First of all thanx to all the Dj's, who helod it down. And to all the voters, for making this a great contest. I hope the next contest gains more entries, and keeps gettin bigger and bigger...

36 votes in all, not onto the results!

In 5th place, but not at all the worst, with 4 votes, 11% of all votes
DJ Xplicit
Dj Xplicit's Entry (Entry #4)

In a tie for 3rd place, both with 6 votes, 16% of all votes
DJ Silent
Dj Silent's Entry (Entry #3)

Dj KSin's Entry (Entry #1)

In 2nd place, with 8 votes, 22% of all votes
DJ Charm
Dj Charm's Entry (Entry #2)

And, coming in 1st place, with 12 votes, 33% of all votes

DJ Noiznemid

Dj Noiznemid's Entry (Entry#4)

Noiznemid came out on top of all entries, Congrats!

He is now the Screw World " Chop King"

To all the dj's who didn't participate because of issues with the track used, get at me so we can come up wit new ideas for the future contest.