01.Big Moe-Maan!!! (Ft. Big Pokey & E.S.G.) [05:31]
02.Woss Ness-Rollin' Chrome [05:32]
03.Ice Cube-Hello (Ft. Dr.Dre & MC Ren) [04:16]
04.DJ D-Interlude (Hello) [00:40]
05.Biggie-I Really Want To Show You (Ft. K-Ci & Jojo, Nas) [08:42]
06.HAWK-Haters Luv It [07:48]
07.DJ D-Interlude (No Matter What They Say) [00:26]
08.Lil' Kim-No Matter What They Say [05:15]
9.Unknown-The Way [05:57]
10.Endo-Flow (The Light) [04:00]
11.Common-The Light [04:21]
12.HAWK-H.A.W.K. [06:24]
13.Big T-The Third Coast (Ft. Lil' Flex, Big Tho & Big Chance [06:59]
14.DJ D-Interlude (The Real Slim Shady Bw The Third Coast) [00:44]
15.Eminem-The Real Slim Shady (DJ D Remix) [04:31]