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Sunday, August 3, 2008

DJExpo5 *Nothin But Lil Wayne* Chopped & Screwed Vol.1

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1.Lil Wayne: "3 Peat" [C&S]
2.Lil Wayne: "Hawii 5.0" [C&S]
3.Lil Wayne: "Ask Dem Hoes" [C&S]
4.Lil Wayne ft.Pharrel: "Gettin Some Head" [C&S]
5.Lil Wayne: "Fuck Da World" [C&S]
6.Lil Wayne: "Lighting up My LaLa" [C&S]
7.Lil Wayne: "Lisa Marie" [C&S]
8.Lil Wayne: "Oh no" [C&S]
9.Lil Wayne: "Snitch" [C&S]
10.Lil Wayne: "Walk It out" [C&S]
11.Lil Wayne: "Me and my Drank" [C&S]
12.Lil Wayne: "Smoke Dat Kush" [C&S]
13.Lil Wayne: "Walk In" [C&S]

Playing Time.......1:10:03
Total Size...........85.83 MB



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so much thanks for this. Do you know if Michael Watts Slowed and Chopped Tha Carter III?