No one has captured the essence of the Screwed Up music and culture of Houston, TX quite like this. See H-Town's finest like never before in exclusive Interviews, Freestyles, Music Videos, Video Shoots, Concerts, and Video Blends. This Volume begins with a remix to Trae's hit single "Swang", including footage of the late Big HAWK of the Screwed Up Click in concert at the Kappa Beach Party in Galveston, TX - 2006. Next, DJ Screw makes a quick appearance, mixing live in concert at a club in Austin, TX. This is followed by the "Swang Down" Video including footage of MLK Blvd. In Houston, TX after the Kappa Beach Party, as well as Mike D. and Mr. 3-2 (of the Screwed Up Click) at Club Carrington's, also in Houston. Next is the Bun B "Draped Up" Video shoot, which takes place at Screwed Up Records in Houston, TX and features the Screwed Up Click including Z-Ro and HAWK and Rap-A-Lot Records' Bun B, Scarface, and J. Prince at the video shoot, and an exclusive "Draped Up/Swang" Video blend, followed by the "Draped Up" Remix video. Next is one of video Lil' Flip's first Music Videos shot in April, 2001, the "Sunny Day" video is also shot at the Kappa Beach Party in Galveston, TX. We flash forward to the present, where Flip then takes us on a private jet trip, (which includes a preview of his upcoming DVD - Around The World in 1 Day), followed by an exclusive performance of "We Hustle" featuring Big Shasta (Clover Geez). Next see the Clover G'z in Baltimore, MD followed by another Pitch Control Exclusive Music Video: Lil' Flip feat. Big Pokey & Lil' Keke "Starched & Clean" from his upcoming album, "I Need Mine." This brings us to the Z-Ro segment of the DVD, which begins with a scene with Z-Ro and Trae (Guerilla Maab/Screwed Up Click), then continues with recent interviews, concert footage, and music videos. The first concert features Trae & A.B.N. and is shot at Club Escalade (Houston, TX), the next is of Z-Ro's performance at the 2006 Kappa Beach Party in 2006. Z-Ro then speaks about his career and upcoming albums, which is followed by the Trae/Z-Ro "Let Me Live" Music Video, and a short video montage of "Let the Truth Be Told" from Z-Ro's latest album, "I'm Still Livin." The Trae/A.B.N. section begins with a short intro, followed by a concert at Club Dreams (Houston, TX), and Trae speaking about his latest album release, "Restless." Next the "Asshole" Music Video, which features Jayton, Lil' Boss, and Dub G of A.B.N./S.L.A.B. Another short interview with Trae, Jayton, and Lil' Boss is followed by exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of the "Swang" Video Shoot, shot in Downtown Houston, TX on November 16, 2005. This segment contains brief interviews with artists such as A.B.N., S.L.A.B., Screwed Up Click, HAWK, Rick D, MCG Ent., and many more as well as a short segment about Dat Boy Grace (of the Screwed Up Click), who is currently incarcerated until 2010. The video shoot coverage continues with innumerable Candy Cars, 84's and Vogues, Pop Trunk, Neon lights, etc., and is concluded with the "Swang" Music Video, which features HAWK as well. The final section of the DVD is a tribute to HAWK, which starts with exclusive footage of HAWK and the Screwed Up Click at Southside studios working on the "Takeover" album, followed by a video montage of HAWK. The DVD concludes with video montage/outro to the Z-Ro/Trae song, "One Night," which also serves as a brief promo for the Pitch Control Mixtape DVD Volume 3, which will feature Z-Ro, Trae, Pimp C, Lil' Flip, Grace, Webbie, Boosie, Chamillionaire, Scarface, Juvenile, and many more. Credits and contact info is listed at the end.

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