Next Screw World Remix

Yessir, the next Screw World is Z-Ro-Crack. Any Dj's who wanna join the remix and chop up tracks, get at me [email protected] . This will be the same format as the last remix, name in the hat format, to see who gets what song.

Since this remix will be only for 15 dj's, we gonna double up on em. We gonna remix the Boss Hogg Outlawz - Serve & Collect 2 also, yessir. So if u dont get picked for the Crack Remix, u will get in on the BHO...

All dj's need to get at me before Monday, the 29th.

Also, any dj who wants to step and mix and arrange any one of the remixes, let me know. And anyone who wants to do a cover for either one, send submissions to [email protected] .


Anonymous said…
the screw world remix is bullshit leave the dj shit to the real niggas at rapalot the screw world just needs to stay to what it knows best ..... post all the free shit for leechers