Collectable Platter 2

1. Rev. Uncle Leroy Welcoming
2. The Kid W/ Da Arch
3. Inspectah Magno
4. Str8 Outta Houston
5. Rev. Uncle Leroy "Collection Plate" Sermonette
6. Dyne Da Block (Ft. Kyle Lee, Anka Man)
7. Magnificent Bout His Cash
8. 4 On 8 (Ft. Dubba Nutt)
9. Syrup In My Cup (Ft. Lil Flip, Lucky Luciano, Rob Bass)
10. Rev. Uncle Leroy "C.P." Sermonette (continued)
11. Magno Ya Heard!!
12. Clock In, Clock Out
13. Rev. Uncle Leroy's Announcements (Ft. Deacon Wes Sanders)
14. Could My Day Get Any Worse
15. Big Booty, Flat Booty (Ft. Uncle Leroy)
16. Pimpin (Ft. A-Mafia, J.O.S.)
17. Rev. Uncle Leroy's "Ambition" Sermon (Ft. The V.P.G.C.H. Choir)
18. Here We Go Again
19. Wheneva I Bang Screw (Ft. Lil O, Ulissa, Dubba Nutt)
20. Rev. Uncle Leroy's Final Remarks