Next Round of Dj Wreck Club



Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Hope To See More DJ next time!!!

Wanna join in the next battle? Well, here is a message from OVG,

"Come One, Come All!

We invite you to DJ Wreck Club! For those of you not familiar, it’s where the DJs show off their skills in competition in a single elimination, round-robin tournament. It’s fun and free. Only catch is you need to create an account on the Screw World Forum (which you can do here)

For entry and more details, refer to the DJ Wreck Club thread on the Forum or hit me up at [email protected] or KSin at [email protected]

If you got the skill and work ethic, you could be the next DJ Wreck Club Champion!!!"

XFonz07's speech
"Yeah, thanks to everyone who voted for me... That was a nice Wreck Club Finals. I enjoyed it alot!!"