Screw & Chop Dj's Present: Keepin Screw Alive Vol. 3 *Special Christmas Edition*

02.Heartless (Murph)
03.Sensual Eruption (Junior)
04.Let The Truth Be Told (G.Martinez)
05.SouthSide (Chops-A-Lot)
06.Money In The Bank (Kush)
07.Creepin Solo (Kreep)
08.High Powered (Soulja#1)
09.6 Million Ways 2 Die (Method)
10.Mexican Heaven (Slim Killa)
11.Watch Froze (Chucksta)
12.What Niggaz Do (Kaleon)
13.Boss (Slow-It-Down)
14.Come With Me (Savage)
15.Body Rock Freestyle (T-Rex)
16.Game Belongs To Me (Jizzle)
17.Man Cry (Starch)
18.Reppin Texas (Yung Gunna)
19.Lost (YZ)
20.DJ Murph Talks
21.Love Lockdown (D.B.T)
22.We Fly High Remix (Severe-Twist)
23.Like Da Pole (Ice)
24.Soldier Story (Lil M)
25.Shawty Make It Work (Famous)
26.Go Hard (Money Mike)
27.Get Em Up (Purplehaze)
28.Hataz Down, G'z Up (837)
29.Aint Fuckin Wit Ya (Static)
30.MVP (Mighty Marv)
31.Who Could It Be (Soulja#2)
33.I Run (Kralos)_Bonus


propz to Dj Murph for da upload, check him out at