2K9rind Mixtape entries.....

Aw yeah...at least it has come to pass! LOL

Screw World Dj's Present: 2K9rind

This will be the 1st mixtape droppin from us, and this has to jump off the new year. All Dj's are welcome to join this mixtape, 1 or 2 tracks from each dj. The songs can be old or new, but the songs must pertain to grindin, ballin, etc. All songs sent in must be screwed already and must have tha full name of the artist and song. The song has to have a drop of the dj who is doin it, we can't put no-named dj's on. All entries to be sent to [email protected], have the subject of the email "2K9grind". And please remember, this is a Screw World mixtape, so no slopped up tracks. Wack tracks will be sent back!

All Entries for this tape should be in by: February 2, 2009

And to all artists looking to get on, shoot me an email, and submit a track. Maybe u can be on this or many Screw World tapes to drop this year.


DJ First Aid said…
yea ill be doing a track fo' sho straight outta H-town the originating place well yea ill post back later like next week