MM6 (S&C Live by DJ Xplicit)

Artist.......: Chamillionaire
Title........: Mixtape Messiah 6 (S&C Live by DJ Xplicit)
Label........: Chamillitary/2Slash/Backroom Ent.
Genre........: Southern Rap
Quality......: 224 kbps
Street.Date..: 2009-01-20
Year.........: 2009
Tracks.......: 21
Playtime.....: 79:12
Size.........: 126 MB

01 The Best Rapper Alive
02 For the Love of Money
03 Everything (ft. Crooked I)
04 Aint I
05 That's You
06 Track Wrecka (ft. Lil Flip)
07 Switch Styles
08 The Evaluation
09 Murder They Wrote (ft. Killa Kyleon & Lil Ray)
10 Mixtape Murder
11 Judge Judy
12 For the Moment
13 Shawty (ft. Chalie Boy)
14 Shine so Clean (ft. Lil Keke)
15 One Day (ft. J Dawg)
16 Venom on the Way
17 Willing to Try (Hangin With Mr. Koopa)
18 In My World (Hangin With Mr. Koopa)
19 Used to It (Hangin With Mr. Koopa)
20 Nothing Else to Say
21 Creepin (Solo) (ft. Ludacris)

I was feeling MM6 so much that I decided to chop it up. This mix is 100% live (no multitracking or re-recording), so don't be too critical of it. It still jams none the less. I didn't release a whole lot of material in 2008, but I'm gonna get back on the grind for '09. I'm gettin a new studio set up so expect a lot of material from me, Abstrakt & our label 2Slash Ent. Be sure to pick up Chamillionaire's album "Venom" the first week it drops.

- Xplicit

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