AK - Wreckage (XFonz remix - X-Files vol.5) (3CD)


disc 1 - Fonzed up Remix
1. Intro
2. Country rap flow
3. One more time
4. All i wanna do
5. Thowbacks 2K9
6. Endorsement break
7. Maaaan holup
8. Hater Eliminator flow
9. Down for my block
10. Fuck wit the real
11. Got to be the coldest
12. Tired flow
13. AK & B-Paper flow
14. WSK feat. B-Paper
15. XFonz Wreck the outro

Disc 2 - X-Files vol.5 Ridin-N-Smokin: Alabama Classix
1. Dirty Boyz - Hit da flo
2. R.O.A. - Lord be wit me
3. Deuce Komradz - Switcharoo
4. Dirty Boyz - Pimp and da Gangsta
5. R.O.A. - Jiggity Bang
6. Deuce Komradz - Ridin-n-Smokin
7. Mr. Niles - Me & Taz
8. Dirty Boyz - 6 Deep Creepin
9. Dirty Boyz - I Wish
10. Mr. Blue - Fuck You
11. Red Light District - I Know...

Disc 3 - (Wreckage regular version)


Thank You to everybody who held it down through the makin of this project, 1st off to XFonz, this shit is what it is cause of you mayne, KSin, i prociate you lettin me hol it down for this Screw World like i do mayne, 2K9 is ours, its fuckin dead, we got this, what they taln bout...EVERY Screw World DJ for holdin it down like yall boys do, lets keep wreckin these hoes...2K9rind, the All-Freestyles, Home Field Advantage, All the X-Files....thats what that do, awready