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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dj Mighty Marv Presents: Boss of All Bosses (Remix)

I bet yall thought dis shit wasn't comin out........hahahahahahaha!!!!! First off id like 2 send a special fuck u shout out 2 megaupload, zshare, and divshare, fo not lettin upload dis shit in time fo da release date! Now datz out da way, enjoy brothaz!

1.Boss Of All Bosses
3.Top Drop
5.I Run
6.Show Me Love
7.My Bitch
8.She Like That
9.Im Back
13.Welcome 2 Houston

PS...........After u download it rearrange da tracks in da order i got em so u can jam it better........DO WORK

SS Download

ZS Download

propz to Dj Mighty Marv for da upload

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