AK - Wreckage 2 (Fonzed up Remix)

1. W2 Intro
2. Murder flow
3. Swamp aggin flow
4. Slide in My Ride
5. Callin Bitches Bluff
6. Talks
7. Hay
8. Purple Pills flow
9. W2 flow
10. Streets
11. Whats that Slow Sound XFonz break
12. Higher
13. Inspired flow
14. I Represent break
15. Real Life
16. Last Song

MU Download

ZS Download

Hope yall boys enjoy this junt mayne....puttin down for that Screw World all over again. Thanks to Erybody that hol it down for me...KSin, Wax, B-Paper, Mr. B, A-OK, ATX, OVG, and erybody else reppin that Purple World wit the Screw...XFonz, this shit aint even possible without you homey, We Wrecked em Again....If u aint got that Wreckage 1, GO DOWNLOAD it, thats what it do.....Screw World Mayne...gyeah