Grind Daily ENT Presents: 2 Dope For Ya Deck

01 Big Tank-Forever Flow
02 Dj D.B.T-Forever
03 Dj D.B.T-Better Believe It Remix
04 Big Tank-UpTown Flow
05 Dj Young 1-Hell Of A Life
06 2Raw-Swag Surfin Flow
07 Dj D.B.T-Texas Wire Wheels
08 Dj D.B.T-City Lights
09 Dj Young 1-Back To The Money
10 Dj D.B.T-BedRock
11 Big Tank & 2Raw-Turn My Swag On Flow
12 Dj Young 1-Juice
13 Grind Daily Ent-Freestyle
14 Dj D.B.T-Mix
15 Dj Young 1-Mix
16 Dj D.B.T-Fresh Dress
17 2Raw & Big Tank-Boi I Got Flow
18 Dj Young 1-Money To Blow
19 Dj Young 1-Addicted to Money
20 Dj D.B.T-Denzel Washington
21 2Raw & Big Tank-Move If You Wanna Flow
22 Dj Young 1-Transform Ya
23 Dj D.B.T-Already Home
24 Big Tank-Life Goes On


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