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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Soul Snatcha Sowndz Presents- 808's & Booty Shakes Vol.1 (2CD) [SLOW'D]

01.Luke- I Wanna Rock (5:39)
02.Splack Pack- Scrub Da Ground (4:11)
03.Kilo Ali- Show Me Love (3:54)
04.Hi-Town DJs- Ding-A-Ling (5:23)
05.Poison Clan- Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya (5:05)
06.KP & Envyi- Shorty Swing My Way (4:56)
07.DJ Trans- Ride Out (7:02)
08.Duice- Dazzey Duks (5:08)
09.Southern Playas- Dickey Ride (4:47)
10.Luke ft. Trick Daddy- Scarred (4:21)
11.DJ Taz- That's Right (5:12)
12.Ghost Town DJs- My Boo (7:16)
13.A-Town Playas- Wassup Wassup (Bankhead Bounce) (4:18)
14.95 South- Wet-n-Wild (4:37)
15.Zae- Thyow (3:49)

Runtime- 75mins 50secs

01.2Live Crew- Pop That Pussy (5:24)
02.Maestro- Table Dance (4:38)
03.Two Trick Daddys- Rock All Night (4:32)
04.Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boys ft. Jazzy Phae- Shawty Freak A Lil' Sumthin' (4:58)
05.Booty Girlz- T-Shirt & Panties (4:57)
06.I.C.P. ft. Fresh Kid Ice- Hey Ho (3:55)
07.Lathun- Freak It (6:52)
08.MC Shy-D- Big Booty Girls (4:07)
09.DJ Laz ft. Kinsu & Luke- Get Your Ass Off The Stage (4:22)
10.Gucci Crew- Sally (That Girl) (4:52)
11.INOJ- Love You Down (5:24)
12.Luke- Luke's Sheila (5:40)
13.69 Boyz- Da Mote (5:17)
14.Fierce- Coochie Ride (4:55)
15.MC Ade & DJ Smurf- Drop Don't Stop (4:23)

Runtime- 74mins 24secs


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