Soul Snatcha Sowndz Presents- At The Pack Jam Vol.1 (2CD) [SLOW'D]

Disc 1
01.Africa Bambaataa- Planet Rock (8:01)
02.Planet Patrol- Play At Your Own Risk (9:58)
03.M.C. Shy D- I've Gotta Be Tough (6:12)
04.Pretty Tony- Fix It In The Mix (7:31)
05.B.V.S.M.P.- I Need You (6:19)
06.Stevie B- Spring Love (7:05)
07.B.O.S.E.- Rock The World (Like No Other Girl) (6:43)
08.Wink D- Get Busy (4:41)
09.Paulette- I Want You Back (7:38)
10.Barkays- She Talks To Me With Her Body (10:46)
11.DJ Mike & MC Cool D- Gangster Rock (3:01)

Runtime- 78mins 1sec

Disc 2
01.World Class Wreckin Cru- Juice (8:23)
02.MC Cheif & Sexy Lady- Beat Box (8:53)
03.BB&Q Band- On The Beat (9:01)
04.Def Rock Krew- Don't Stop (3:48)
05.Creative Element- The Bottom (5:47)
06.Hot Streak- Body Work (10:35)
07.One Way- Mr. Groove (7:51)
08.Palmerforce Two- Street Wars (8:18)
09.Anquette- Ghetto Style (2:14)
10.Nijel- Dance So Fine (6:16)
11.Popula Demand- Don't Clock Me (7:32)

Runtime- 78mins 55secs


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