The European Screwheads Present: Swang To The East

01. YOUNG THUG - Lock'em Trunk (DJ Smok4Nad Mix)
02. SETH GUEKO - Zdedededex (L'1dix Da ScrewHead Mix)
03. ROHFF - TDSI (DJ Menace Mix)
04. SNAGA & FARD - Du hast Recht (DillA Mix)
05. DonGURALesko - Betonowe Lasy Mokną (DillA Mix)
06. IAM - C'est donc ça nos vies (DJ Menace Mix)
07. DEMOCRATES D - Un Enfant A Tiré Sur Un Autre Enfant (DJ Menace Mix)
08. YOUSSOUPHA - Apprentissage (L'1dix Da ScrewHead Mix)
09. NOIR FLUO - Dans ma Caisse (DillA Mix)
10. FANG - Паля, Дърпам, Пуша (DillA Mix)
11. BOOBA - Jour de paye (L'1dix Da ScrewHead Mix)
12. ALATURKA MAVZER - Klik Klik (DillA Mix)
13. MONDO MARCIO - Lavoro (Flowdeep Mix)
14. PSYCHO PAT & SHY ONE - Hell-O-Ween (DJ Smok4Nad MiX)
15. YOUNG THUG - Dire Au Revoir (DillA Mix)
16. NOIR FLUO - Le Produit (DJ Menace & DillA Mix)
17. SCREWED UP CLICK - 1 Night 4 SCREW (DillA Blend)

Wanna thanks all djs who put work in this mixtape. It's been a year since me (DillA) and Smok4Nad started this movement. Wordz of appreciation goez to all djs dat supported us, Slow and whole DoWorkDJs collective, DJ Devinstation, TryllDyll, DJ Kreepa and rest of Throwed Assassins djs, Chops-A-Lot with PTR DJs, DJ Keebler G & DJ Chucksta with Slowed & Sliced DJs, DJ 224 and Stunna DJs, DJ Kreep and Chop Shop DJz, DJ Lil Paupa, Lil Rick, Yung Sweetz with Slowed Villains, all of which I haven't mentioned but alwayz havin on mind.
Big shoutout to my homie DEO, my Muerte Cannabia fam: DJ WhyZee, DJ Conjure and DJ Gutta Bruh, and for Slim-Z who awready stopped to mixin along with DJ Smok4Nad (CEO of European ScrewHeads), I wish both of ya will come back soon.

Peace DillA da Frederic Choppin (European ScrewHeads Co-Owner / Manager)

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