Comin Soon: Red,White, & Screw 2K12

I know we been slacking on our tape a month, but we gotta wreck this summer, and hit em with some heat! All artists or djs who want in can send a submission track to [email protected] before Friday, June 29th. Djs send a already screwed track with your drops added in. Just make sure its a throwed track, cuz we can put you lames on this tape, lol. Artist send a track to be screwed by me (DJ KSin), unless you have your own dj send it already screwed. Also anyone who wants to do a cover, send it also, if I get more than one, we will vote on a final. Just make sure it reads "@ScrewWorldBlog Presents: Red, White, & Screw 2K12" Hope alot of yall come thru on this, preciate your time. DJ KSin
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